A little bit about me....

I was luckily enough born into the world of art and creativity through ambitious artistic parents. I have always been known for being the one to create out of the ordinary makeup looks on friends and family and soon knew this was my calling card.

I have since become a fully qualified hair and make-up artist and am actively working in the trade. One of my first opportunities to see how the real world of hair and make-up worked was on the set of “Alice in wonderland- through the looking glass” which grabbed me and made me hungry to be part of this world.

I also now represent The Midlands Body Paint project as part of the leadership team, as part of this I attend and help organise many meets and promotional opportunities as possible. It is great to help up and coming artists and see amazing creations.

I have attended many competitions and public events and got placings and even won a recent photo competition with one of my body art pieces. I teach part time for Lincolnshire Beauty, Therapy and make-up academy which I love as always find working with keen students rewarding. I encourage them to come to as many events as possible and get involved.

I am the owner and founder of a festival unit which goes out and about to music festivals called Transformation Station Events, we offer live body painting on models with Dj’s and also offer face and body painting and lots of glitter to the public. The tent is a wonderful magical place and all the artists and models involved are super talented and I couldn’t do without.

Although been known to be a lover of creating out of the ordinary looks I do find it highly satisfying working specific briefs whether it be period hair and make-up, special effects or simple and elegant looks. The main aim is always to work to a high standard and take on new challenges.